Benefits of Collagen In Our Bodies

Collagen is a type of protein that is found in our bodies abundantly. It is found in our skin, bones, digestive system and also in our muscles. It helps to hold our body together keeping it strong and flexible. In addition to this, it enables faster regeneration of new skin cells. The level of collagen in our bodies drops as we age, and it usually becomes harder for our bodies to produce more collagen. Poor diet also contributes to the reduction of collagen. Click here to read more about bellacolla .

When our collagen levels are down, aging signs appear in our bodies e.g wrinkles and pain in the joints due to a weak cartilage. It is therefore advisable that we maintain a healthy diet which will provide a natural source of collagen. An example is bone broth which contains this protein. An alternative means of obtaining collagen are supplements which should only be consumed by the advice of a professional nutritionist. The following are the major benefits of consuming collagen-rich foods or supplements.
Collagen decreases pain and deterioration of joints. It's gel-like look will facilitate the smooth gliding of your joints without pain. It acts as grease for your body joints hence preventing pain and wearing out of bones. In addition to this, collagen will help from stiffness and swelling in joints. Medical study shows that it aids in managing rheumatoid arthritis by lessening pain from swollen joints. Check out the bellacolla website to get started.

Another very common use of collagen is in the beauty industry. In the modern times, most people are trying all means to slow down the aging process. As a result, most cosmetic industries manufacture collagen-based products with the assurance that the products will help to fight signs of aging like wrinkles and loose skin. Stretch marks are also an enemy to many people in the middle age, and these products will fade them away by making sure there is no sagging skin. In addition to skin products, collagen also helps the quick regeneration of hair follicles for thick and healthy hair.

At the same time, collagen will improve the health of your nails and teeth with its powerful protein. Additionally, it will boost metabolism in your body where important nutrients are converted in your body and enhances your body frame by increasing the mass of the muscles. It is also worthwhile to note that glycine in the collagen assists in detoxification of your body. This is made possible because it absorbs toxins in your body hence prevents over burdening the liver.