The Benefits of Collagen in the Human Body

There is not a skin lotion in this day and age that you do not recognize collagen as part of the ingredients. This means that collagen plays a big role in the development and maintaining of the skin. What is collagen exactly and how can we incorporate it into our lives? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, especially type 1 collagen. You will find it in a human's hair, bones, blood vessels, skin and many other digestive parts and body tendons. All connective tissues rely on collagen since it's durable and fibrous. Visit the bella colla website to get started.

However, collagen is mostly responsible for the skin's elasticity and firmness. As we age the collagen in our skins decline. You will notice physically that the skin starts to wrinkle, due to lack of elasticity you will find loose skin and stretch marks may start to form. Some of the reasons that these things start to happen are for example exposure to Ultra Violet rays from the sun or even x- ray machines and hence leads to the damaging of the skin's collagen.

This is the same case with hair and nails, reduction in levels of collagen leads to deteriorating quality. There are extractions which help repair damaged skins, and we have seen many people recover and even looking younger. Bella Colla is a perfect example of products that are used to repair damaged skin.

Since collagen is the most abundant protein and it is a connective tissue, it benefits sportsmen and sportswomen. Collagen maintains strength and mobility in their joints; this is so because, at the end of the bones, it is covered with a layer of collagen tissue which acts as a pad to prevent bones from grinding each other. The cartilages also contain water and collagen for lubrication. Some of these athletes take collagen filled supplement capsules for this purpose.

As we age too, collagen in our bones deteriorate, and as a result, many people suffer from osteoarthritis. This is defined as the wear and tear of the bone cartilage. It leads to swelling of joint and indescribable pain. The solution to this can be found by people consuming foods that can trigger production of collagen. These foods include dark leafy vegetables, fruits that contain Vitamin C and even flax seeds. Good quality collagen capsules are also effective for damaged bones, skin or body tissues and tendons, also to increase collagen in the body. Bella Colla is one of the certified examples of quality collagen products.